Bovada Sportsbook Review Betting & Sports Book Bonus

Bovada is the leading US sportsbook in the online gaming industry. They have been around since 1994 for one main reason: Bovada offers an excellent value and experience for all of their customers. Mac and Ubuntu users will be happy to know that Bovada now offers an “Instant Play” no-download version, eliminating all compatibility issues.

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Bovada is an online betting heaven

You can bet on anything you could ever dream of on Bovada. Any league, any game and the bet will be available. There are plenty of prop bets and parlays available as well obviously. What really separates Bovada from the rest of the pack is their live betting options. Betting before a game is fun, but if you are really following a game and you have a good feeling that team X will score a touchdown or team ABC will make good halftime adjustments there is a good chance that you will be able to act on these intuitions. Live betting is available for a select number of games, if it is a premiere event you should have an opportunity to bet live. Bovada’s lines are fair and on par with the rest of online sportsbook’s. It is easy to place a bet and Bovada will even offer their guidance, giving you statistics, a short write up on the game from time to time, and match up information.

Bovada has been around the block for more than 15 years

Bovada is world renowned for their poker and casino software, although software does not nearly play as big of a role with regards to sports betting, they are still very strong in this department. As long as you can access, you can make a wager; you can be on a Mac, PC, Blackberry… Bovada is not going to stop you from giving them business, trust me.

Being in business for 15+ years online is like a brick and mortar company being in business 150+ years. Bovada has seemingly been around for forever, and this means good things for its players. Other sports books can brag about never missing payments in a two to five year span, Bovada has not missed a payment in over 15 years. In a field, online gaming, that has been riddled with scandal and dishonesty, Bovada has gone out of its way to accommodate all of its players needs. Bovada offers just E-mail support, but they are quick to respond and their support team actually knows what they are doing. The only thing you will have to worry about when playing at Bovada is which team to pick, which wager to make, Bovada takes care of everything else.

Bovada Depositing Options

You can deposit with a credit card as well as Neteller, Moneybookers, and a variety of other online options. You can withdraw your money with all of the above options plus an old fashioned check. Bovada has made its name on being honest and straightforward with its players, you will not have to worry about difficulties regarding depositing your money or withdrawing it. The UIGEA scared many sites from disallowing players from the United States, this has only made Bovada stronger. There has been little to no enforcement of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act over the past four years and no additional enforcement appears to be on the horizion. Bovada has a large portion of the US gambling market, poker, casino, sports betting… And it has only gotten larger with other sports books ignoring the US market.

Bovada is fairly weak when it comes to deposit bonuses. Most sites offer new players a 100% deposit bonus match, up to between $400-$1000. All you have to do is meet the play through requirements and the bonus is automatically added to your player account. Bovada offers just a 50% up to $250 bonus, which is close to the lowest bonus available in the industry. If you have a smaller bankroll and you need a big bonus for cash flow purposes, this is a major negative, if a few hundred dollars will not sway your decision to choose a sports book, this means hardly nothing.

Bovada’s Closest Competitor

Bovada’s biggest competitor is puts the majority of its focus on sports betting while Bovada is impartial between poker, casino and sports gambling. If you are looking to bet on sports alone, sportsbook could be the better option for you. They offer better promotions and are more focused on sports betting as a company. If you venture into the casino and poker fields, Bovada is the way to go, period. Sportsbook is the leader when it comes to accepting deposits, if you wish to put money in your sportsbook account it will get their, period. Sportsbook also makes more of an effort to be transparent with betting trends, they will show you the percentage wagered on each team, which can help you make a decision. These are the two best real money sportsbooks available for US gamblers, so you cannot go wrong with either choice.

There are literally dozens of sports betting options for interested US sports gamblers, why choose a decent option or a good option when you can choose the best one? Bovada is the sports betting website to choose, they will treat you right whether you wager 50 dollars monthly or $5,000. Bovada’s minimum deposit is just 20 dollars, so it is easy to get started at Bovada and at least see if the site is for you. They have excellent odds on parlays and with all of the major sporting events coming up there will be plenty of opportunities for profit. Give it a try! Real Money Reviews