Bovada Blackjack Review

If you are looking to play blackjack online, Bovada is the best option, hands down. Bovada has the best software out of the online gaming sites. They also offer an “Instant Play” no-download version that removes all compatibility pain. Ubuntu and Mac users should take advantage of it. Online Blackjack Games

Bovada is a new casino offering blackjack and other real money casino games. The casino is available as a download or instant play and features an online poker room and sportsbook.

Join Bovada Casino here and receive a 100% to $200 blackjack bonus for new depositing players.

Play Blackjack at Bovada Now

Ubuntu players should utilize the Instant Play version. The Java version still offers real money gambling.

  • Bovada’s Blackjack Infrastructure

Their blackjack infrastructure is no different, the software is sleek, does not slow down your computer and makes it very easy for you to make the bets that you wish to execute. You could not ask for anything more from Bovada is this category. Playing blackjack can be frustrating at times, especially online. You want to play at a casino that is established and has a great track record, Bovada is that place. They have been in the casino industry since 1994 and they have never come close to missing a payment or misleading their players, other casinos simply cannot compete with that. It is easy for casinos to rip their customers off and it happens more often than you think, you will not have to worry about that at Bovada. Bovada offers just email support whereas many other casino rooms offer phone and chat support, but they are quick to respond and their support team will do everything in their power to help you out.

  • Bovada is a fair casino

Bovada offers as favorable rules to its players as any other casinos. Many casinos have made a switch from paying out natural blackjacks from 3 to 2 to 6 to 5. This seemingly slight difference results in more than a 1% increase in house edge. Natural blackjacks are rare and occur roughly 4.8% over time. Actual casinos seem to offer 6 to 5 blackjack more often than 3 to 2 blackjack but you still have to be on the lookout when playing online, it is not hard for casinos to bury information like this if they are looking for an extra advantage over the player. Bovada allows its players to double down, only immediately after receiving your first two cards however, this is common in the industry. You can surrender early and split after receiving your first two cards as well. Insurance is available if the dealer shows ace, but it pays 2 to 1 and only occurs 30.5% of the time so it is a bad bet.

  • Playing Real Money Blackjack

Playing poker for free online is not a great idea, you will be playing against twelve year olds who go all end every other hand; it just does not properly simulate actual real money online play. Thankfully you can play casino games, like blackjack, online for free and it will be almost the same as the real thing. One of my favorite things about Bovada Blackjack is the free blackjack game that they offer. The game is just like the real thing, you play for free and you do not have to download anything. Bovada realizes the importance of blackjack, it is the number 1 casino game in the world, they have made sure to create and maintain the best free and real money blackjack games.

  • Weighing Bovada’s Strengths and Weaknesses

I have been playing at Bovada for years and there are two real downsides to blackjack at Bovada. The first is the weak deposit bonus that they offer. You can receive just a 10% initial deposit bonus at Bovada. Other casino’s/ poker rooms offer upwards of a 100% initial deposit bonus. The initial bonus is a big deal when it comes to blackjack because the house edge in blackjack is so close to 0 when you play with proper strategy, a nice, hearty 100% deposit bonus could put you over the edge into profitable territory. Bovada has no need to match other casino room’s deposit bonus because they are the leader in the industry thanks to their software, reputation, and support team. The deposit bonus you receive is only on your initial deposit and almost all online gaming sites limit the bonus to 400-1000 dollars. Most serious blackjack players should be okay with leaving a few hundred dollars on the table if it means going with the best of the best in the online gaming industry. The deposit bonus should only really matter to casual players with a small bankroll.

The second downside to playing blackjack online at Bovada is that they do not offer any blackjack tournaments. I am a huge fan of playing 50-300 player poker tournaments online, I find it fairly easy to finish in the money as long as I play tight and smart, but blackjack tournaments have never really done anything for me. Poker is better for people oriented guys/gals while blackjack is more for the number crunching analytical people out their. Blackjack is not meant to be played in a tournament style and this should not be a hindrance at all to most. Anyways, minus these two caveats, Bovada has some great strengths, such as it’s Ubuntu compatibility which we have mentioned previously.

  • 15 Years Later, Bovada is still the best

State of the art software, an excellent track record, reputation and support team, and player friendly rules make Bovada the leader in online blackjack. They have been the best of the best for the past 15+ years and their reign as king of online blackjack does not seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. They also offer much more than blackjack, and run one the biggest online Sportsbook. Sometimes the most obvious choice is the best choice, Bovada is the obvious choice.