Bovada Casino Craps Review Online Craps Game

Bovada is one of the best casinos for craps in 2010. Their craps software is powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG) and their games are amongst the most profitable you can find. Bovada has always been a fair casino, and they offer great odds to craps players.

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Bovada’s Software Is Top Notch

Bovada is an excellent online casino that uses RTG software to support the large amount of games in the casino. One of the popular casino games at Bovada is craps because it’s one of the most profitable games. In craps there are plenty of different bets that you can make on each spin of the dice. Some of the bets offer a good chance of winning, while other bets are very unlikely to hit and thus have a much higher payout.

Instant Play Craps, or No-Download Version

There are several different ways to play craps at Bovada depending on your preference. If you want to start playing right away then you can play craps in your web browser. You’re not going to notice any difference in the graphics, as Bovada has kept their game design to a minimum. If you prefer downloading the casino software to your computer then you also have that option.

If you only plan on playing craps in the Bovada Casino then you won’t need to download the software unless you really want to have it on your computer. You can also play craps on your mobile device at the Bovada Casino once you’ve downloaded the software and game. You’re going to need to have an internet connection and enough space on your mobile device to download the software and game files.

Bovada’s Craps Features

One of the great features about playing online craps at Bovada is that you can play for play money initially if you’d like. They will give you 1000 play money chips to work with and if you run out then you simply need to reload the game. Once you’re ready to start playing for real money all you need to do is make a deposit into your account. Make sure you take advantage of the sign-up bonus that is offered by Bovada for first time depositors.

• 10% Welcome Bonus w/o any Maximum Amount (15x Wagering Requirements)

The Bovada craps table is very simple to understand with everything well organized. The table is a nice soft blue that won’t be hard on the eyes no matter how long you play. You’ll find the different buttons on the bottom of the screen including your balance and chips. You can select the chip denomination that you want to use and then you simply start making bets on the table.

Once you start placing bets on the table you’ll notice the “remove” and “clear all” buttons light up. The remove button will remove the last bet placed from the table, whereas the clear all button will remove all of your bets from the table. The Bovada craps table doesn’t list the odds under the type of bet, but they do list the minimum and maximum bet allowed for each bet.

When you have all of your bets out on the table, you simply need to click roll the dice and they will begin to roll. Any winning bets will be paid out to you and losing bets will be taken off of the table. All you need to do then is place your new bets on the table and spin the dice again. Bovada craps isn’t the flashiest on the market, but they have a very functional craps table and more importantly, you’ll be playing with a trusted name. Real Money Reviews