Fight / Betting on UFC & MMA at Bovada

Bovada is by far the most popular Sportsbook to bet on the UFC in 2013. Bovada is licensed in every corner of the world, and accepts players from within the USA and Canada. They are a highly reputable company with a strong brand presence. Time to open an account at Bovada if you haven’t already in 2013

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UFC’s ripple effect in the sports betting world

With the UFC and other MMA leagues growing at a rapid pace, the amount of people looking to bet on the sport has also grown at a very fast rate. There are a lot of online sportbooks that allow you to bet on the UFC/MMA, but not many of them are as popular as the Bovada Sportsbook. Bovada is licensed in several different countries around the world, which allows them to accept players from basically everywhere including the USA, Canada, Europe and UK.

  • Bovada’s UFC Odds

The Bovada Sportsbook is known for offering great odds on a large variety of sporting events including several MMA leagues. The number of MMA leagues that you can wager on at Bovada is excellent and includes the following. From time to time you may also find odds on other MMA leagues listed at Bovada, but only if it’s a highly anticipated bout.

• K-1
• Elite XC
• Cage Rage
• StrikeForce
• Bovada Fights

The popular MMA leagues such as the UFC and StrikeForce will have odds posted for most of the fights at Bovada. The smaller MMA leagues that are listed above will have odds posted for the main events only and televised fights. There aren’t any online sportbooks that offer odds for every MMA fight because it simply isn’t feasible.

  • MMA Betting Logistics

Bovada has a minimum bet of only a $1 on MMA wagers and a maximum of $500 per wager. The $500 wager limit won’t affect most of you guys, but if you do plan on betting more you have to use multiple books. A lot of people that bet on the UFC will use multiple books so that they can not only bet more, but so that they can find the best odds on every fight they want to wager on.

  • Bovada UFC/MMA Bonus has a great sportsbook bonus with the smallest wagering requirements in the industry. You only need to play-through the sign-up bonus and deposit 1x before you can make a withdrawal. Once you’re done earning the sign-up bonus there are also free bets and promotions available to players at Bovada.

• 50% up to $250 w/o Limits (1x Wagering Requirements)

When you bet on the MMA at Bovada you’ll be able to make several different types of wagers. You can wager on single fights, parlays and prop bets. You won’t be able to bet on certain wagers with Bovada that you may find at other sportbooks though, including betting on the over/under of rounds in a fight.

Bovada is one of the best online sportbooks to bet with if you plan on wagering on the UFC and other MMA leagues. They post odds well before the scheduled fight is supposed to take place, which gives you lots of time to handicap the fight. With a nice sign-up bonus, excellent player support and a fairly decent maximum bet, there really aren’t any reasons why you wouldn’t want to bet on the UFC/MMA with Bovada. Real Money Reviews