High Limit Slots Online

Becoming a high roller isn’t so difficult these days. There’s no need to move to Vegas, to charter planes back and forth every weekend, or even to leave your house. There are hundreds of casinos online where you can play high-stakes slots from the comfort of your own home. So what are the real benefits to playing high roller slots? Exactly how high do the high stakes go? And where can you find a decent selection of high roller slots online? If you’re thinking about making the high-stakes leap, read on for all the answers.

Where Can I Find High Roller / High Limit Slots Online?

Almost every online casino offers at least a few high roller slot machines. Check out our list of casinos below to find the betting, gameplay, and payout details for the best high roller slots around.   

Top Online Slot Casinos

Win Palace Casino
Win Palace features 75+ real money slots including progressive jackpots with huge payouts.
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Casino Titan
Casino Titan offers a 400% to $4,000 real money slots bonus for new players. Over 100 casino games!
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LocoPanda Casino
Loco Panda is the biggest slots casino online. Over 150 online slot machines + tournaments.
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Why Play High Roller Slots?

There are three main benefits to playing high roller slots that you won’t get from playing the lower stakes:

  • Elevated excitement
  • Higher potential rewards
  • Recognition as a high roller, and all the rewards that come with it.

Slots at all stakes are exciting, sure. But it’s undeniable that $2 spins produce tamer thrills than $200 spins. That’s why high stakes slots exist – if the experience were equally fun at both low and high levels, it wouldn’t make sense to move up!

Much of the added excitement comes from the potential for higher rewards. Obviously, jackpots are worth much more when you’re betting huge amounts. For example a 60,000-coin jackpot is worth $120,000 at $2 a spin, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. But the same jackpot is worth $6,000,000 at $100 per spin.

That is a large sum of money – and it’s the promise of such jackpots that keep us coming back to the high roller slot machines.

It’s more than just the money, though. When you put in volume at a casino, you’ll be rewarded for your play. You’ll most likely be assigned a dedicated VIP host, whose job will be to cater to your needs. You’ll receive bonuses unavailable to lower-stakes players, free bets at various games, and perhaps even subsidized trips to land-based casinos. These are just some of the extra perks that high roller status commands.

What Counts as a High-Limit Slot?

High-stakes slot machines are different online than in land-based casinos. Most online machines have a variable bet amount, meaning you can choose what stakes you want to play with the click of a button. Contrast this to land casino slots, where each machine is set to a specific denomination.

Most online slot machines have coin values from $0.01 up to $25. Some machines value coins as high as $50 or $100. Keeping in mind that most slots allow you to bet multiple coins on more than one payline, any coin value from $5 and up can be considered high stakes.

As an example, assume you’re playing a 9-payline video slot online. The machine allows bets of 5 coins max per payline. A full spin in this case would cost:

  • $4.50 at $0.01/coin
  • $22.50 at $0.50/coin
  • $45 at $1/coin
  • $225 at $5/coin

If you’re looking to get the blood pumping, a $225 spin should do the trick!