Real Money Slots Online

Playing online slots is an adventure, especially when there’s real money on the line. You never know what’s in store each time you log in. Sometimes a session goes normally, which is fine – after all, there’s no thrill quite like watching the reels spin. But other times, you walk away thousands of dollars richer than you were before.

These times aren’t as rare as you think. And believe it or not, there are ways you can make them happen more frequently. So if you’re looking to jump into real money online slots, you’ve come to the right place – I’m going to explain everything you need to know to select the best slots sites and machines.

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How to Play Real Money Slots Online

If you intend to play real money slots online you need to know how to fund your account. Below are links to articles that explain how to deposit using some of the most popular payment methods as well as which casinos accept deposits using on of the methods below.

What Makes a Good Online Slots Site?

A good slots site is one that caters to the player. Such a site has endless banks of machines, all stocked with a variety of betting options. This wealth of options makes it easier for you to play within your comfort zone, and to exercise a bit of betting strategy as well.

Further, the machines that a good site offers are attractions, not just spinning reels that pay money. They come in a variety of themes, from the outlandish to the luxurious. Some have bonus rounds and secret levels, and others have gigantic jackpots that lead you through the chase. These are all features that a bad site’s slots won’t have.

Leading real money slots sites are always introducing new games, which keeps things interesting for you. The more novelty in your slots routine, the more fun you’ll have; and the more fun you have, the more value you’ll get from playing. If you want to play poker, check out for a list of new poker rooms accepting USA players.

Bad online slots sites don’t offer many games, and the ones they do offer are often outdated. They aren’t up to date with the cutting edge in graphics, so gameplay gets stale very fast. And believe it or not, there’s actually a lot of innovation in the real money online slots industry. But only the good sites keep up.

The difference between good and bad slots sites is night and day. That’s why choosing a good real money slots site is the #1 factor in maximizing your value at the reels. Knowing this, which particular sites are the best for discerning slots players like us?

Which Are the Best Real Money Slots Sites Online?

There are plenty of great slots providers out there, so you’ll have to choose for yourself. Of the factors we outlined above, which are the most important to you? The key is to answer that question honestly, and then match your preferences with what the top slots sites offer.

It can help to check out some online slots reviews when doing your research. They’re generally written by people who play a lot, and often contain valuable information. If you’re trying to find out which games a particular site offers, for example, a good review will tell you. Or if you’re just scoping out the market, a good review can help nudge you in the right direction!

What Type of Online Slots Are Available for Real Money Players?

Once you’ve picked a site to play at, you’ll have to choose a slot machine to play. It’s a good idea to try as many as possible at first, so you can discover all a site has to offer. As you gain experience, you’ll be able to decide which type of machine works best for you.

Most sites feature 3 main types of slots:

  • “Classic” reel slots
  • Video slots
  • Fruit machines

Let’s take a look at each type of real money slot individually, so we can weight the pros and cons of each.

What Are Classic Slots?

Classic online slots are based on the slot machines you’d find in a casino. You know, the big metal type with three wheels and a lever. They’re a lot of fun to play if you’re in the right state of mind – daydreaming about Vegas from your cubicle, for example.

Most real money classic slots have 3 or 5 paylines, although some have just 1. Note that fewer paylines doesn’t mean smaller payouts, though – far from it. Most online slot machines hold steady payout percentages between 90% and 98%, so your odds remain constant no matter how many lines your machine has.

The majority of online classic slots are very simple: you press a button, the reels spin, and you see what happens. There are no fancy graphics, no intricate game features, and no twists or turns. If you’re after a real-casino experience, classic slots are probably right for you.

What About Real Money Video Slots?

Unlike classic slots, video slots are intricate beasts. They’re designed by slots-focused game development companies, so they tend to be pretty cutting-edge. The focus for video slots is on graphics, gameplay, and excitement rather than replicating a brick-and-mortar casino’s machines.

Most video slots are themed, meaning that the symbols, graphics, and bonus features tie into a unified storyline. For example you might have a pirate themed game, where the symbols are famous buccaneers and the bonus rounds are treasure hunts. Or you might find a secret agent slot, where the symbols are spy-related and the bonus round is a hunt for some bad guy. The game-centric nature of such machines can be either enthralling or annoying, depending on your temperament.

Online video slots feature anywhere from 5 to 100 paylines, which makes playing them an entirely different experience from classic slots. Payout tables tend to be more evenly distributed on video slots than on classic slots, so you’ll find that small wins come rather frequently. Most video slots let you bet anywhere from $0.01 up to $25, although some go to $50.

What Are Real Money Online Fruit Machines?

No, fruit machines aren’t devices that dispense healthy snacks. Close, though – they dispense money. Specifically, British pounds. Historically, they’ve only been available in pubs and boozers in the UK. But now you can play them online for real money, and usually in whatever currency you please.

Real money fruit machines are famous for their two extra features: the nudge and hold buttons. These are options that video slots or classic slots do not have, and add a fun extra dimension to playing slots online.

To visualize what the nudge button does, imagine you’re holed up in the corner of some neighborhood bar. You’ve been playing a fruit machine for a while, and you haven’t been winning much. Suddenly, two lemons hit side-by-side on a payline. A third lemon appears to be stopping just short of the line. In a moment of blind excitement, you physically shake the fruit machine – and your third lemon shifts into place as a result. That’s anudge, and you can simulate it on online fruit machines.

The hold button is less exciting, but still useful. If you come up short of a potentially valuable combination, you can choose to “hold” one or more reels in place for your next spin. For example if you hit two black bars, you can keep them in place on a subsequent spin in hopes that a third black bar will come up. Shrewd use of the hold button can land you a nice jackpot that you wouldn’t be able to hit at other real money online slots.